Caring for Creation Through Solar – The Offer

Putting solar on the roof makes sense both financially and ethically, but it can be a daunting process. The challenge of understanding the key issues, shuffling through potential solar companies, deciding what panels and inverters and other kit is best value and even where to start diving into this process can be very overwhelming!

This is where Caring for Creation Through Solar comes in! We aim to take the pain out of this process and guide you through it. We have brought together industry experts  to source high quality materials, reliable, honest solar companies and have negotiated good prices by virtue of ‘bulk buying’. While these won’t be the cheapest prices on the market, they are great prices for top quality kit and safe, reliable service during and after installation.

This Bulk Buy round has been secured at these prices until August 31st. We cannot guarantee prices after this date so sign up now!!

What are the Benefits?

  • Sourcing of high quality solar systems and reliable local companies all done for you
  • Competitive prices on top quality materials and services negotiated  for Sydney Catholic communities
  • Independent advice and guidance through the process from the Justice and Peace Office
  • An easy way to finally tick ‘getting solar’ off your to-do list without navigating all the complexities and pitfalls alone
  • Free information sessions on all elements of solar systems, held in your community. Sessions are just one hour
  • A chance to bring together practical and spiritual elements of choosing solar
  • An opportunity to connect with and build your parish and/or school community or the broader Sydney Catholic community and go through the journey as a group
  • A chance to put your faith into action
  • The satisfaction of having joined with 3 million other Australians in doing something really substantial to avert climate change.

What’s the Process?

Key Practical Information

Aside from the panels what else do I need?

Some Common Concerns and Questions

Price Guide

(These prices are guaranteed until August 31st – sign up before then to secure them)

Financial Disclosure: The Justice and Peace Office does not receive any financial benefit by your participation in the process, at any stage. Our Solar Consultant’s fees are being covered by the local solar companies.

How we choose local solar companies

We have a strict set of criteria for choosing the companies we partner with to ensure they are reliable and trustworthy and offer quality kit, installation and service. The criteria are:

  • Local, small to medium sized businesses
  • Quality, best-practice quote process, including quotation documents in format and detail recommended by the Clean Energy Council
  • End to end customer service and management, rather than the separate companies and contractors for each stage e.g. sales, design/quote and installation.
  • Honest – we make sure our companies offer trustworthy reliable advice to suit your needs and situation rather than a ‘salesy’ approach
  • Quality products and installation and service at reasonable prices

Why Go Solar? Great for your Finances and for the Environment

With electricity prices constantly spiraling  upwards and the cost of solar panels coming down – solar makes great financial sense. The price of solar panels has fallen more than 75% since 2009. While the average cost of electricity in NSW has increased 30-40% in the last 12 months.

Installing solar panels on your roof is a significant up-front cost, but once they are paid off solar panels provide free electricity for at least the 25 years of their warranty life!

The cost of solar panels is a fixed cost so they are also a great way to build predictability into your energy costs. It is not a coincidence that the greatest uptake of solar panels has not been in the wealthy suburbs of Australia, but the poorest. Off-setting against rapidly increasing prices and taking control of energy costs are some of the advantages of solar panels.

How much will I save exactly?

The amount you’ll save depends on a few different things, including how much you pay for your system upfront, how energy efficient your household is, how much of your energy use you switch to daytime, the types of government rebates and feed-in tariffs you’re able to access and how fair and transparent your electricity retailer is.

Our installer can provide you with a proper calculation, based on your current electricity cost of how long it will be to pay back your up-front cost. The Federal Government provides some help up with up-front costs and you will also receive payment from your retailer for solar energy you don’t use but feed back into the grid instead.

My 5Kw solar system saves me $500 per quarter on my bill. Having paid $7 500 for the system I paid it off in just under 4 years. I estimate that it will save me another $35 000 over the life of the system – and that’s at today’s prices.

– Solar User

Households leading the way

Having signed onto the Paris Agreement and committed to doing its bit to keep global warming below two degrees, Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise.

Our politicians seem to find it impossible to address the challenge of setting Australia on the path to a low carbon future. But Australians aren’t waiting – Australia has the greatest uptake of household solar in the world.  1.7 million households have solar – that’s 1 in 5. And that’s up from 100 000 in 2008. You won’t be alone in joining the solar revolution!