Curious Grace Toolkit

The JPO’s guide to developing your own Curious Grace drop-in centre in your local parish and the wider community.

Curious Grace began as a physical place but has now transcended into a state of being.

Jacqui Pasquale and Julie Rankin, Founders and Keepers of the Curious Grace Model, from Mildura, Victoria

Thanks to the generosity and wisdom of Jacqui Pasquale and Julie Rankin, the founders, and keepers of the Curious Grace Model, the JPO is offering a model for community connection and the chance to honour lived experience.

In a world that’s increasingly dominated by social inequities and fear-driven stigma, we are called as Catholics to answer the call of the Gospel and reach out to those most vulnerable in our communities. The JPO has led a series of Redefining Normal Workshops to combat the ostracisation and judgment experienced by those living with mental illness, drug and alcohol challenges, family and domestic violence, trauma, disability, and the aged care world. Across these workshops, we have advocated for social prescribing – grounded in a strengths-based approach – which provides trauma-informed care and invisible case management. This is precisely where the Curious Grace drop-in centre can practically flourish.

We have posted a series of videos with our Curious Grace partners which explain the elements of Curious Grace and what is required to create your own space for healing and connection. See below for never-before-heard pearls of wisdom.

Introducing the Curious Grace Model with Dr Robbie Lloyd, Jacqui Pasquale, and Julie Rankin

The keepers and facilitators of Curious Grace – Jacqui Pasquale and Julie Rankin – discuss their unique community ‘drop-in centre’ model which champions lived experience, narrative therapy, and trauma-informed care. They also highlight the key tools and elements for success in recreating your very own Curious Grace project.

Fostering a Space of Social Inclusion with Dr Sharon Kerr and Dr Robbie Lloyd

Learning and development specialist (in online education, accessibility/equity, and social inclusion solutions), Dr Sharon Kerr challenges our prejudiced assumptions about those living with difference and helps us to understand the power of honouring the diversity of others. This segment also highlights the importance of obtaining microcredentials – via the mentoring of local providers – to further develop the care offered under the Curious Grace Banner.

The Art of Listening with Rosemary Gattuso and Dr Robbie Lloyd

Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Counsellor (trauma-Informed, specialising in family dispute resolution and restorative justice), Rosemary Gattuso takes us through the importance of the family dynamic in empowering and supporting the pursuit to “redefine normal”. Rosemary advocates for a patient, strength-based, and non-judgemental approach when dealing with those who walk through the Curious Grace doors.

The Intersection between Creativity and Wellbeing with Megan Moses and Dr Robbie Lloyd

Art from the Heart Artist, Megan Moses draws on her own lived experience to showcase the restorative and inviting gifts of creative outlets in releasing trauma, stress, and anxiety. Alongside Dr Robbie Lloyd, Megan discusses the successful mix of ingredients – such as location, activities, resources, facilitators, and attendees – needed to create an elixir for community healing.

Click here to download  Megan Moses, Joelle Sassine, and Dr Robbie Lloyd’s Creativity Brochure 

The Need to Buddy Up with Cailey Sharp and Dr Robbie Lloyd

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Psychology Honours Student and JPO Intern Coordinator and Social Justice Facilitator, Cailey Sharp, debunks the damaging stigma surrounding mental health in Australia and draws our attention to the confronting social and structural issues driving this complex problem. Cailey also offers her complementary program Buddy Up! – under the Curious Grace banner – to combat feelings of disconnect and foster intergenerational remedy.

Click here to download JPO’S Planning Template.