Terms, Conditions and Privacy



These questions and answers aim to give you a better understanding of the relationship between Caring for Creation Through Solar (CCS) [also referred to as ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’], the Solar Company and You (meaning participants in the programme) [also referred to as ‘your/s’, ‘their’, ‘my’ and ‘I’].

  1. What is Caring for Creation Through Solar’s role in this project?

Over the duration of the CCS Bulk Buy program, CCS will act as a coordinator to ensure you are offered the highest quality products at the best possible price. Through a careful evaluation process, we have selected a reputable provider. We have made this offer available for a limited period, and are here to provide independent advice as you embark on your solar journey.

  1. Who is responsible for the contract for installation and maintenance

The Solar Company is responsible for the installation, services, products and maintenance subject to the terms of the agreed upon contract between the you and the solar company. CCS is not responsible for or a party to these matters, but is available to respond to any questions you may have about the offer.

  1. What are the obligations of the Solar Company?

The terms of your individual contract will outline the obligations of the solar company.

  1. What are Participants’ obligations as a registrant? What if a Participant changes Their mind?

If you have registered your interest and received a final quotation, but have changed your mind, you have no obligation to proceed with the installation of a solar PV system. However, once you have decided to proceed with the final quotation by making a deposit/signing a contract or other agreed upon method between you and the solar company, your agreement and obligation will be with the solar company and not with Caring for Creation Through Solar, the Justice and Peace Office, Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney. If you change your mind after entering into a contract with the solar supplier, you will need to discuss this directly with the solar supplier. CCS is not a party to, or responsible or liable for these matters.

  1. Can I join the Caring for Creation Through Solar project at any time?

This offer is available until 31st May 2018. CCS cannot guarantee that this offer will be available at any time in the future, though that is a possibility.

7. Does the Justice and Peace Office, Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney receive any financial reward for my participation?

No. The Justice and Peace Office does not receive any financial benefit by your participation in the programme, at any stage, including whether or not you decide to purchase a solar system. Our Solar Consultant’s fees are being covered by the local solar companies.


  1. I have the authority to request an assessment and installation of solar PV systems at the specified property.
  2. Caring for Creation Through Solar (CCS) will provide independent advice on the products and services of a solar PV panel installer but are not a party to any contract that I enter into with a Solar Company.
  3. I have the ultimate responsibility for the decision to accept the Solar Company’s proposal and final quotation. Upon signing an agreement, contractual rights and obligations are wholly between Myself and the Solar Company.
  4. CCS has no liability for any loss, damage or injury that may result from proceeding with the installation of solar PV panel systems, or for the content or accuracy of the information provided in CCS’s materials.
  5. CCS makes no warranties about the Solar Company, its services or products, or about the information provided by the Solar Company. CCS has no liability for, and I release and forever discharge CCS in respect of any loss, liability or claim which is in any way connected to the products or services supplied by the Solar Company.
  6. The preferred Solar Company/ies have been reviewed for their suitability for residential projects, however they represent only a portion of the market. It is My responsibility to make a decision about available Solar Company and perform My own due diligence in respect of My chosen Solar Company.


The Justice and Peace Office, Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney (referred to as “we”, “our” and/or “us”) is collecting your personal information (including your name, contact details (such as phone number and address) and photographs, videos and stories so that we can:

  • contact you;
  • provide you with updates on the Caring for Creation Through Solar Project;
  • provide you with services and information connected to your participation in the Caring for Creation Through Solar Project;
  • to promote the Caring for Creation Through Solar Project – please not we will only include your story, image or other personal information in promotional materials with your written consent.

We will share your contact details with the Solar Company/ies only when you have Signed-up in writing using the Solar-Go form (provided at Information Sessions and on this website) to receive a quotation from the Solar Company/ies.

We will not disclose your details with parties outside of the Solar Companies and the Justice and Peace Office, Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney.

Our Privacy policy is separate from any and all such policies from the Solar Company – please refer to the Solar Company for this information.

We may also disclose your personal information where we are required or authorised by Australian law to do so

If you have any concerns or questions you can contact us by using the following details:

Phone: 02 9307 8465

Email: jpoinfo@sydneycatholic.org (please put ‘Caring for Creation Through Solar’ in the subject line)

Post: Justice and Peace Office, attn: Caring for Creation Programme

Level 12, Polding Centre

133 Liverpool St

Sydney NSW