Speaking of Social Justice

In March 2022, the Justice and Peace Office launched a podcast called “Speaking of Social Justice”. Each week or so, our host Julie Macken will welcome a new guest to critically and philosophically discuss the many social justice issues we face today through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching (CST). ‘Speaking of Social Justice’ aims to give its audience a greater insight into the economic, social, political, cultural, and spiritual underpinnings of domestic and international affairs. The Justice and Peace Office (JPO) welcomes you to join this ongoing journey of learning, self-examination, and consciousness raising in order to become a strong ally in the social justice movement.

Episode 9: The 2021 State of the Environment Report rings alarm bells

In Episode 9, our host Julie Macken welcomes JPO Intern, Emilia Nicholas, to respond to Tanya Plibersek’s launch of the latest State of the Environment Report. They seek to analyse the devasting findings in this report whilst highlighting the severity of this ecological issue, finally urging the community to take immediate climate action.

Episode 8: Reflecting on Australia’s Fifth Plenary Council

In Episode 8, Dr Robbie Lloyd welcomes James Camden, Head of Mission Engagement at the Diocese of Parramatta to reflect on the fifth Plenary Council of Australia. They seek to explore how the power of the Spirit flowed throughout the event and discuss where the community should move next post-listening.

Episode 7: Post-Election Results 2022 – What this means for the community?

In Episode 7, the JPO team engage in post-election analysis through the lens of social justice advocacy to acknowledge the success and stirring power of the community. The team addresses how the community can once again strategically leverage the government – and realign as a collective pressure group – to materialise their declared election promises and deliver their hope for a better Australian future.

Episode 6: Approaching the Ballot Box – Federal Election 2022

In Episode 6, our special guest host Dr Robbie Lloyd welcomes back Fr Peter Smith, and Joelle Sassine to discuss the need for Australian civic society – whom now begin to approach the ballot box – to practically champion Catholic Social Teaching (CST). They seek to examine the importance of policy education in the lead up to decision day and the need to return to amplified social justice activism in order to denounce injustice.

Episode 5: Voting for the Common Good – Election Kit 2022

Our host Julie Macken welcomes Josephite Justice Network Coordinator and activist Sr Jan Barnett to discuss the Voting for the Common Good (VFTCG) 2022 Campaign. They seek to explore the intersection between Catholic Social Teaching (CST) and the pursuit for social justice within the Australian policy agenda via Catholic solidarity. They will also unpack the Election Kit resources produced by the VFTCG team and its purpose in preparation for the Federal Election 2022.

Episode 4: Justice for People Seeking Asylum and Refugees

Our host Julie Macken welcomes Nishadh Rego from Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) to discuss the Australian Government’s policy position on refugee and asylum seekers in light of the 2022-23 budget report. They seek to analyse the highs and lows of the Federal Budget fund allocations in regards to protecting the rights of people seeking asylum, refugees and displaced people.

Episode 3: Lent and Social Justice

Our special guest host Dr Robbie Lloyd welcomes Ruth Moraes to discuss how lent breeds a fertile ground for social justice engagement. Under the framework of Catholic Social teaching (CST), they seek to explore the practical ways in which we can express our passion for justice during this Lenten season.

Episode 2: Reconciliation in Action

Our host Julie Macken welcomes Dr Robbie Lloyd to discuss the unfolding process for the Sydney Archdiocese to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). They seek to voice their commitment to this strategic document and highlight the importance for the shared Truth Telling and deep listening to First Nations Peoples about past and current injustices.

Episode 1: Discussing Just War Theory

In our first episode, our host Julie Macken interviews Justice & Peace Promoter Fr Peter Smith to discuss and reposition our understanding of a ‘just war’ through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching (CST). They seek to analyse this political and philosophical theory through the contemporary case study of the Russia-Ukraine War.