The JPO Presents the Internship and Mentoring Program

by Joelle Sassine

The Justice & Peace Office (JPO) of the Archdiocese of Sydney is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for passionate young people (16-24 years of age) wanting to practically deepen their understanding of social justice issues and Catholic Social Teachings (CST). This intensive 8-week program (8hrs per week) which will begin in the coming months, seeks to give you an opportunity to learn from the JPO team how to channel your passion – and oftentimes anger with the structural issues affecting you – into dynamic social justice projects and movements. Under the framework of Catholic Social Teaching (CST), you will learn how to work in solidarity with each other and with the most vulnerable in our community to promote the dignity of all people and the greater common good. 

Whether you are just beginning to learn about various CST and social justice topics, or are looking to build upon your existing knowledge, this will be a unique opportunity to collaboratively engage in real-world justice-driven projects. We deal with issues such as the need for just relationships with First Nations Peoples and communities, our country’s response to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, climate justice, community and parish engagement, ethical voting, and many more social, economic, and ecological issues. 

Benefits for candidates include: 

o Enhancing communication skills 

o Growing a personal and diverse network 

o Exposure to new, different, and knowledgeable perspectives.

o Development of leadership skills 

o Professional competencies 

o Career development 

At the end of the form, there is space to submit a video entry. Here, we would like you to create and upload a short 2-3 minute video showcasing why you would like to join this program and how you will show your commitment to the JPO. Pick one of the aforementioned CST and/or social justice topics and discuss why you are passionate about it. There are limited spaces, so make sure to stand out and let your voice shine. 

This form will close on the 24th of April, so be sure to apply as soon as possible. 

We look forward to seeing you answer this call-to-action!