New Act Justly – April May 2020

Dear Readers,

What an extraordinary moment we find ourselves in. Covid 19 has changed all our plans and challenged us in the most profound ways, personally and nationally. We are all getting use to the lockdowns, the strange silences and for many of us, the unemployment. Tragically the number of our community that is sick and dying from this virus is also growing.

It is times like this we really look for the face of God, for the guidance of the Spirit and for the comfort of Mother Mary. That all of this is occurring during Lent and that access to Liturgy and the Sacraments is denied us, makes all of this even harder.

But it is also these privations that remind us we are all made in the image and likeness of God and that likeness finds its expression in love for each other, in the creative response of care and love for our community.

We are absolutely God’s hands, eyes and ears right now and it is for us to see the need, to hear the cries and to be the people that serve even in a time of coronavirus.

Here at the Justice and Peace Office we are all discovering the joy of working remotely and trying to find a way to serve when the usual avenues have been shut. To that end we will be trying to keep everyone updated on what is going on and where we might be of service. We hope this edition of Act Justly doesn’t become too dated by the time you finish it, but that is how quickly the situations are changing at the moment.

But, some very good news to share with you is the new addition to our office. Dr. Robbie Lloyd joined us at the craziest of times and is already proving to be a wonderful and stabilising member of our team.

He comes to all of us with a wealth and depth of experience in community-based education, working in First Nation communities, working with people dealing with mental health issues and old-fashioned journalism.

I asked Robbie to nominate his three most exciting and transformative work experiences and he nominated his work with Currambena, a child-centred community school, Pioneer Clubhouse in Balgowlah; a house of recovery for those living with schizophrenia and his work for Reconciliation with Indigenous leaders. But perhaps most shockingly for many, Robbie nominated his support for the Magpies as his most defining characteristic.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Act Justly and ask that you stand with us and pray with us for all those who are trying to survive this pandemic without power, a home or access to regular food and water, both here in this rich country and across the world.

– Blessings JPO Team,