More Information and How to Get Involved

Informative Resources

We are all called to counteract this poisonous throw-away culture.

-Pope Francis

What Can You Do?

  • Simple self reflection – how do you value older people? How do you treat them, especially in the workplace? Could you reach out and connect more? Could you advocate for and with them when they’re treated unfairly?  If you’re an older person, are you engaging in the life of the community, sharing your stories, experience, skills and wisdom?
  • Advocate for increased and better palliative care services – this is the real solution to dying with dignity, not euthanasia. The NSW Cancer Council has a campaign worth checking out, and the national peak body Palliative Care Australia has lots of resources and ideas.
  • Find out your Local Members’ views on aged care and seniors are – Visit NSW Parliament and Commonwealth Parliament to find your local MP.
  • Could you volunteer? Many Residential Aged Care Homes have volunteering programmes check your local area. Your diocesan version of CatholicCare or Centacare will often have volunteering programmes of various sorts. For the Sydney region these contacts are: Sydney Archdiocese – CatholicCare; Broken Bay Diocese – CatholicCare; Parramatta Diocese – CatholicCare Social Services
  • Get involved in Seniors Festival in March each year.
  • In your parish look around and see if older people are connected or isolated, maybe they need a visit or to go out for a cup of coffee. If you are an older person are there younger people you could befriend, or consider starting a mentoring group to share life, faith and professional experiences.
  • Check out the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council ‘Ten Steps Card’ for the 2016-17 Social Justice Statement for more ideas.