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Reaching Safer Shores

Dr. Robbie Lloyd Most countries which fought in World War Two were devastated by the loss of life and of infrastructure resulting from world wide military destruction. Australia may not have suffered major damage by comparison, although Darwin was hit massively. However our troop losses were large and we would have needed a long time … Continue reading Reaching Safer Shores

Discovering New Support

By Dr. Robbie Lloyd Failures by governments, non-government organisations and private sector providers in the aged care, disability support, and broad mental health sectors have left many “consumers & carers” feeling lost & hopeless. No wonder we have had three recent royal commissions into these sectors – ageing, disability & mental health. Bureaucratic doublespeak, opaque … Continue reading Discovering New Support

Reconciliation in Action

By Dr. Robbie Lloyd All over Australia there are schools, community groups, businesses and government departments moving forward with Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP). So what sorts of things are they doing to show Reconciliation in Action? We will feature some examples in the coming months, as the Sydney Archdiocese begins its own journey with Reconciliation … Continue reading Reconciliation in Action