Archbishop Launches Afghan Refugee Appeal

Sydney Catholic Archbishop, Anthony Fisher OP, has launched the Archbishop’s Afghan Refugee Appeal. The appeal will raise desperately needed funds and commit the Archdiocese resources of education, health and welfare to Afghan families and individuals fleeing their homeland in the wake of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. In launching the appeal, the Archbishop also recognised … Continue reading Archbishop Launches Afghan Refugee Appeal

Imagine This Australia

Omid was the love of his mum’s life, Australia’s cruelty broke the lives of two people the day he died. Last week Queensland Coroner, Terry Ryan, said. “Omid started his journey In 2013 as an optimistic and perhaps naive 22 year old. Within three years he had died a painful death in a Brisbane hospital after struggling to come … Continue reading Imagine This Australia

Let’s All Reconcile

by Dr. Robbie Lloyd Dreams are a pretty touchy subject in today’s economically rationalist world, of “efficiency & effectiveness”, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and SMART Objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timebound). Even in some relationships and families dreams raise uncomfortable prickles on the back of some people’s necks. Unless you’ve “done some work on … Continue reading Let’s All Reconcile