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Please note we are not a Justice of the Peace service and cannot certify documents. To be redirected to the NSW JP site click here.

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Mission Statement

The Justice and Peace Office promotes awareness, understanding and action in relation to justice, peace, ecology and development as guided by Catholic Social Teaching. .

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Catholic Social Teaching

CST is the expression of the way that we understand our world and guides us to moral and just actions.  Learn about CST here.

Activities and Programs


Collaborative Action

The Justice and Peace Office works collaboratively with other Catholic organisations, and with people of all faiths and none, to address shared concerns in a range of social justice areas.


Education & Training

The Justice and Peace Office offers a wide variety of training, workshop and education opportunities to individuals, social justice groups and parishes. Contact us to see how we can help you!


Advisory Role

The Justice and Peace Office advises the leaders and agencies of the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney to enable the Church to respond to social issues from a Catholic perspective.


Sydney Alliance

The Sydney Alliance is a coalition of religious organisations, community groups and trade unions which aims to rebuild civil society to advocate for fairness and justice in Sydney.

Understanding Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Culture and Faith

“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture has been in place for over 60,000 years in Australia and is the oldest surviving culture in the world. However, there was not a singular ‘culture’ shared by the thousands of language groups that covered the Australian continent at the time of settlement. Each group had different environments and … Continue reading Understanding Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Culture and Faith

Compassion in Action

The Sisters of Charity Outreach offer compassionate support to those who are vulnerable and, in the process fostering a quality of life aligned with each person’s innate dignity.  They have a special focus on the well being of women and families.   The motto of the Sisters of Charity – The love of Christ urges us … Continue reading Compassion in Action