World FairTrade Day – 9 May 2020

Every year Fair Trade Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of May. It is a global event that aims to draw attention to the importance of purchasing FairTrade products. Many of the goods we purchase are tainted by child labour and modern slavery but the fair trade mark ensures that producers are paid a fair wage for you’re their product.

If your home, workplace or parish has not yet made the switch to Fairtrade certified coffee, tea, sugar and other products it is really time to take this action as part of your response to modern slavery! All of these commodities are at high-risk of child labour and modern slavery. Download this poster for the fridge, staff room or canteen to educate others about the meaning of Fairtrade.

World Fairtrade Day is 9 May in 2020 and there are many Fairtrade suppliers in Australia. Click on each link to see options for placing a personal, parish or workplace order today. Schools and families should also consider purchasing sports gear from Fairtraders such as RREPP and Jinta. Finally, like, follow and share informative posts about ethical purchasing from the Shop For Good Facebook page at

The following links provide a range of fair trade certified products: