Social Justice Statements

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference issues yearly Statements on important matters of social justice.  The Australian Catholic Social Justice Council (ACSJC), an agency of the Bishops Conference, produces a number of resources to accompany these Statements.  You can find some of the key resources below, along with many others directly from the ACSJC website.


2016-2017: ‘A Place at the Table.  Social justice in an ageing society’. 

2015-SJS-statement-cover2015-2016: ‘For Those Who’ve Come Across the Seas.  Justice for refugees and asylum seekers’.

  • Statement: PDF Word
  • Social Justice Statement abridged – Vietnamese translation: Word
  • Summary: PDF Word
  • Liturgy Notes: PDF Word
  • Prayer card: here
  • Ten Steps: here

2014-2015: ‘A Crown for Australia. Striving for the best in our sporting nation’.2014-SJS-statement-cover

2013 Lazarus at our Gate - A critical moment in the fight against world poverty2013-2014: ‘Lazarus at our Gate. A critical moment in the fight against world poverty’.


2012-2013: ‘The Gift of Family in Difficult Times.  The social and economic challenges facing families today’.

2011-2012: ‘Building Bridges, Not Walls. Prisons and the justice system.’

2010: ‘Violence in Australia. A message of peace’.

2009: ‘And you will be my witnesses. Young people and justice’.

2008: ‘A Rich Young Nation.  The challenge of affluence and poverty in Australia’

2007: ‘Who is my neighbour? Australia as a Global Citizen’.

2006: ‘The Heart of our Country. Dignity and justice for our Indigenous sisters and brothers’.

2005: ‘Jesus, light for the world. Living the Gospel today’.

2004: ‘Peace be with you.  Cultivating a culture of peace’.

2003: ‘A generous heart in the love of Christ.  Challenging racism in Australia today’.

2002: ‘A new earth. The environmental challenge’.

2001: ‘A just and peaceful land.  Rural and regional Australia in 2001’.

2000: ‘Woman and man. The Bishops respond’.

  • Statement: PDF
  • Liturgy Notes: Word

1990: ‘Social Justice in everyday life.’

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