Pope Francis calls on Catholics to accept refugee families

Pope Francis has called on all European parishes and religious communities to each accept and house one refugee family.  Interviewed on ABC Radio for The World Today program, Father Peter Smith has echoed this call and hopes the Australian Church will also provide refuge during the present crisis.  Speaking on behalf of his own parish in Sydney, which already welcomes refugees whenever it can,  he said “we’d be very happy to house and care for a family in the current crisis.

Father Peter, the Promoter of Justice and Peace within the Sydney Archdiocese, also spoke about the Australian response to the refugee crisis and how Australia can bring about a more just outcome for refugees, saying:

I don’t think this is about charity, I believe it’s about justice, where we live in what we continually hear to be the lucky country. Let’s use some of that luck with those who don’t have the same kind of luck.

You can listen to the program or read the transcript here.