New Act Justly Is Here!

 Welcome to Winter! It seems impossible that June is already here and the cold weather has finally arrived—after a few false starts!

In this edition we cover a range of issues and recap some recent events. We have a wrap-up of our May Social Justice Gathering as well as from the service to mark International Day of Mourning. There are a couple of pieces updating you on this month’s Refugee Week and a brief discussion of the recent confirmed cuts to the Status Support Resolution Services—vital financial support for people awaiting assessment of their immigration status. Then we have two articles on different campaigns aimed at caring for Creation—banning plastic bags and getting solar on Catholic roofs. Lastly, we have a reflective piece on what the language surrounding this year’s Federal Budget release says about our values.

As usual we have our regular features letting you know ‘What’s On in Sydney’, as well as our ‘Archdiocesan Whip Around’ that gives snippets of what our parishes are doing for social justice. And, our third instalment in the ‘Social Justice Corner’ is also here. This is the series we introduced this year to introduce some of the  key Catholic Social Teaching principles.

We’re glad to bring you this latest edition of Act Justly and hope it finds all our readers well and tracking along with a sense of hope in your social justice efforts. It isn’t always easy to keep that hope in the continual river of bad news, and stories of our injustices and cruelties to each other and our planet. And I wonder if, as we work in this space, keeping ourselves fixed on the hope God offers is not the most important part of our efforts? The possibility of what could be if only we lived up to who God made us to be is surely the way to stop the descent into permanent cynicism and a withdrawal from living for love and justice. So, with that in mind we hope this edition can, in a small way, help you to keep your feet in the pains and needs of our present reality but your heart in the hope of the love and justice God offers.

As always, please get in touch with us if we can assist you in any way and do let us know about what you’re up to in your social justice work Also, be sure to take a look at our website regularly as we are always putting up new info and resources on an ever-growing range of topics—if you can’t find what you’re looking for get in touch! Find us at all the usual social places and by email at


JPO Team