Needed: Catholic voices for more affordable housing in Sydney!

Are you tired of expensive housing in Sydney? Worried about how you and your family will afford to live in this city in the future? Angry at growing homelessness?

Then do something real about it and join Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP and Catholics from across Sydney on July 12 at St Mary’s Cathedral College Hall from 6:00-8:15pm, when they meet with the NSW Housing and Planning Minister and planning body, the Greater Sydney Commission to ask for more affordable housing in Sydney.

A strong show of support for affordable housing will be a powerful statement of our Catholic solidarity with the poor, and with families struggling to keep a roof over the head and food on the table. Our aim is to have five people from at least twenty of our parishes come along. With both the Minister and the Greater Sydney Commission in the room this is a significant opportunity to encourage the two major decision makers to create a fairer more just city.

This Assembly is a follow up to one held in May with the Minister at which more than 300 people from community, faith, and union organisations from across Sydney attended at Eastwood Uniting Church. Catholic representatives came from Catholic Care Sydney, St Vincent de Paul NSW, Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, Parramatta and Sydney Dioceses as well as many parishioners and members of religious orders and associations.

To have more Catholics from across our parishes and all parts of the Church will be a show of support not only of Archbishop Anthony’s leadership, but also a witness to people and organisations from the rest of civil society that we are a Church that puts our faith into action, that witnesses our faith in the real world by advocating for and with those treated unfairly by unjust systems.

So get some friends, your family or a parish group and come along to be part of concrete change!

To register visit Sydney Alliance. Or get in touch with us here in the JPO via email or call us on 02 9307 8461.