Toward a Social Justice Group is a booklet to assist you in establishing a social justice group in a parish, school or wherever people of goodwill gather. It is designed to be a helpful resource in response to the question “What can I do and how?”. Click here to download booklJPEG Images of Social Justice Ministryet

If you would like more information or assistance setting up a group or discerning what issues to work on and how please contact us and we will be happy to help. We offer training and workshops as well as ongoing support. We can assist in connecting you with other Catholics and parishes working on similar issues or perhaps in your local area. And we also work with a range of community, faith and union organisations on a variety of topics and campaigns so we can help you connect with some of these, if they are of interest.

For information as well as some practical  ideas on how to get involved in particular social justice issues such as domestic violence prevention and support, homelessness and housing, refugee and asylum seeker issues or caring for the earth  please see our research section.

To keep up to date with current social justice work across Sydney as well as topical issues check out our bi-monthly newsletter, Act Justly.