Will you invite some friends to Share a Meal with you for L’Arche?

August 1, 2016 - August 31, 2016

From the LÁrche website:  “We all know that one of our greatest pleasures in life is sitting around a table sharing great food and conversation with our loved ones. Sharing a meal creates deep connection and a sense of community, and that is what we would love you to do for L’Arche Australia.

L’Arche Australia is part of a network of international communities that support people with and without intellectual disabilities to create and sustain meaningful relationships.

Share a Meal is an exciting national event to be held in August of 2016.

Planning your own Share a Meal event is simple, all you need to do is choose a meal time, invite your guests and ask them to join you and make a donation to L’Arche Australia.

It doesn’t need to be too much work for you, perhaps you can hold your Share a Meal over morning tea, during a staff meeting or at lunch. It really couldn’t be easier and it will be a lovely experience for you and your guests.

Remember that most importantly, your support will help us to reach more people living with intellectual disability, and change their lives for the better.

If you would like to participate in Share a Meal, please contact Dylan J. Hubbard to register your event on 0416 159 393 or email at fundraising@larche.org.au.

Make sure to download your Share a Meal resources below. If you have any difficulties please request a Share a Meal resource package from Dylan.”

For further information and resources, please visit the LÁrche website page for the event:  http://larche.org.au/our-causes/shareameal/