Affordable Housing Assembly

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May 4, 2017 Event Time: 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM 14-16 Lakeside Rd, Eastwood , NSW , Australia

Many Catholics across our city are affected by the lack of affordable housing. For the most vulnerable amongst us this looks like homelessness, for the more fortunate it looks like a lifetime of expensive, insecure renting and a retirement marred by poverty with no family home to provide an income or security. For many it looks like delaying marriage and children because there is simply not enough income to support a family. For others it looks like watching adult children and grandchildren working harder, for longer to never attain the standard of living of their parents or grandparents.

Whatever our experience or connection to the housing crisis in Sydney, if we care about creating a just, fair and vibrant city whose resources are for all and not a shrinking few now is the time to take action. We are at something of a tipping point on this issue and we need to both keep the pressure on our parliamentary representatives, while also supporting and encouraging those who show courageous leadership and real policy initiative.

One way you can take action is to come along to a powerful, inspiring night of community assembly and solidarity to show Planning Minister Anthony Roberts our commitment to and passion for a more equitable and accessible housing market in Sydney. This is not a night of partisanship, protest or ideological bickering but one of solidarity, of bearing public witness to our faith which calls us to work for justice, to bear witness to the needs of the poor and to be a symbol of Christian love. It will be an uplifting night of effective democratic participation in how our city is governed and shaped by planning laws.

Catholics from parishes across Sydney are following up their support of a submission made by the Sydney Alliance to the Greater Sydney Commission asking for higher rates of affordable housing in all new developments by coming along to this event. They will be joined by people from various faith traditions, community organisations, unions and civic leaders from all over the city who want to be part of building a fairer Sydney. Will you join us?

WHEN: May 4th 6:30-8pm

WHERE: Eastwood Uniting Church, 14-16 Lakeside Rd, Eastwood

WHO: Come with a group from your parish or come on or own and connect with other Sydney Catholics on the night!

REGISTER: Sydney Alliance

MORE INFO: If you want to sit with or meet other Sydney Catholics on the night please get in touch with us at the JPO either by email or phone 02 9307 8465 and we will make that happen.

For a copy of the housing submission made by the Sydney Alliance click here; for a copy of the one the JPO made in addition click here.