Coming through COVID III: Acting to Care for our Climate

by Dr. Robbie Lloyd

“Science is the new Religion” has been debated now for centuries, as arguments for reason and rationality challenged notions of belief, faith and god’s mystery. Since the beginning of last century the discovery of Quantum Physics has thrown a lot of that argument into chaos and uncertainty, as the universe shows us more and more it is full of surprises and complexity.

But the evidence-based scientific medical model used to protect us through the pandemic is undeniably working well. And we can all benefit from knowing that science gives us clear rules to follow to ensure healthy communities. COVID has crated a new climate among us all, with a focus on working together to solve the problems facing us across the globe.

What has not been clear through the COVID era is how Australia is responding comprehensively to the challenge of Climate Change, that science has shown us is blatantly threatening the earth and all its species.

Our Federal Government is still wedded primarily to the fossil fuel industry and sees renewable energy as an also ran, with piecemeal offerings in the renewable space. And while vaguely suggesting that we will meet our 2050 energy targets with “technology driven solutions,” Canberra keeps finding ways to support the coal lobby and stalls on effective national investment in “the green economy.”

But whatever happens in Canberra does not determine what local communities can do to take their own action on Climate Change as we come through COVID. After Pope Francis’ inspiring encyclical in 2015 Laudato si set the standard for Care for the Earth and each other, there have been many moves to organize action on climate change.

In Australia Catholic Earth Care, now a subsidiary of Caritas, has a wide range of resources for you to explore:

And there are other great examples from America ( and globally among Catholics

COVID forced physical separation with social solidarity. That same solidarity can now help us to come through more successfully in  terms of climate action if we organise together to make the changes locally that will not only make an immediate difference, but also  build the renewable future for our earth and all its species. How will your community be coming through COVID in your relationship with our environment?

Dr. Robbie Lloyd is a Research and Project Officer at the Justice and Peace Office.