Closing Soon!! – Register Now for the Town Hall Housing Assembly

On March 14 at 6:30pm, as partners in the Sydney Alliance, along with St Vincent de Paul and Everybody’s Home,  we will come together in the Sydney Town Hall with 2000 people for a fairer affordable housing system. This assembly builds on the two we held in 2017 in Eastwood and then at St Mary’s Hall with Archbishop Fisher in July, as well as continuing to build on the many local forums and assemblies held by local housing groups, including many Catholics. As we won a percentage (5-10%) of the inclusionary zoning we were campaigning for  we are now gathering again to make sure those targets are being met and to move the campaign forward in exciting new directions.

Like our previous two this Assembly will bring together faith, union and community organisations from all across Greater Sydney as well as our partners from the Everybody’s Home campaign—a national housing affordability campaign and Vinnies NSW. Many Catholics, parishes, Vinnies conferences and social justice groups across our Archdiocese have been campaigning and raising awareness about housing affordability and homelessness for many years, and in more recent times many have been shaping their local efforts as part of the broader Sydney Alliance-led campaign. And, of course, our Bishops highlighted in the new Social Justice Statement the dire state of housing affordability across our country and the urgent need to work to end homelessness. So it is a prime time to keep putting our faith into action on this issue!

This Assembly is a great opportunity to bring us all together in a powerful night of civic action that can move our campaigns and actions forward and build relationships with the larger Catholic community working for justice in Sydney.

Aside from being a powerful night the Assembly could also be a useful tool for your social justice group and parish. Participating in the Assembly is an effective means for organising your parish community around social justice more broadly and reinforcing the relationships between your social justice group and your parish. The process of getting a certain number of people along to the Assembly offers a lot of opportunities in the weeks leading up to have conversations, events and activities in your parish that grow awareness about social justice and offer opportunities for the wider parish community to get involved in the work and vision of your group.

We would love as many Catholics as possible to come. We will be attending together as a group of Sydney Catholics and it would be wonderful to have lots of us standing ins solidarity for the common good with our brothers and sisters from all over this city. It’s free to come but you must register. Please do so here. REGISTRATIONS CLOSE MARCH 5!

Also, we are in need of volunteers to be coordinators for their parish or social justice groups. This just means you will commit to bringing along a  group (5 or more) from your parish or community and will be the main point of contact between us in the JPO and your group. We’ll provide all the support you need. If you are interested in doing this please get in touch with us either by email or call us 9307 8465.