Cana Community recognised

Sr Anne Jordan PBVM and Cana Communities have been recognised by Creighton University in the United States for their commitment to addressing the needs of the homeless .

A finalist of the Opus Prize for humanitarian service, Cana Communities is an ecumenical organisation providing hospitality and welcome to those who are in need, including crisis accommodation, transitional homes, support and respite services.    It also has a farm near Penrith where people can gain training, and work experience.  Its dedicated band of volunteers provide a community of care for those suffering with addiction, mental health issues, or homelessness, for example. According to Creighton University, despite the fact Cana Communities provide 45,000 meals annually and nearly 14,000 beds to those in need, it is the sense of acceptance and belonging at the heart of the community that stands out.

According to America  Magazine, Ravi Nath, a Creighton University delegate who visited the Cana Community said:

“What left the greatest impression on me was how the volunteers and the staff at Cana accept everyone as they are…That’s the biggest thing. And it’s hard for most people, when they see someone chronically homeless or relapsing into addiction. They say, ‘Why can’t you just do things like the rest of us?’ But I was so moved by the sheer commitment. The willingness to work slowly and not to judge people with our own lens, but to put oneself in their shoes.”

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