Australian Catholic Bishops’ Election Statement

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has just released a Statement for the Federal Election. It is not a ‘who-to-vote’ for guide, but rather a Statement that guides us to Catholic values and teachings broadly and on specific issues so that we can make a more informed decision at the ballot box as engaged Catholics and citizens.

It gives a good overview of some of the key elements of our Catholic Social Doctrine and Teaching, reminding us of our moral obligations to act for the common good and with special concern for the poor and vulnerable and an utmost respect for and honouring of human dignity.

On more specific issues of the day it is wide ranging. It covers topics like aged care reform, asylum seekers and refugees, school funding, palliative care, re-commitment to ‘closing the gap’ for our Indigenous brothers and sisters, and the need to urgently address climate change.

We highly recommend having a read of the full document here, as you prepare and discern to whom to give your vote on May 18th.