An Election Guide to encourage you to Pray, Reflect, Research & Act

Now more than ever, there is a need for Catholics to participate in public life. As pressures on the family and individuals increase, our vote in the NSW State Election on the 28th March 2015 will be vital in moving towards a more just society where the dignity of the human person is upheld and people are able flourish.

 Your vote is your decision. There will be issues you believe should be prioritised. This guide aims to encourage Catholic voters to intentionally consider their candidates and their proposals. We recognise that there are a range of issues which need to be addressed. However, we have chosen to highlight the following.

Housing Affordability

There are many families and individuals who are currently experiencing financial struggles which force them to rely on services. Our government should implement policies which allow people to progress . The dignity of the human person is upheld when people are able to live in stability. Safe, adequate and affordable housing is needed to alleviate the challenges preventing families and individual from buying a home, which contribute to a more stable life, particularly those who are homeless.

Do your candidates understand your pressures relating to house and do your candidates have a plan to alleviate housing stress for families and individuals?

Providing Quality Health Care

It is essential that our government protects the dignity of the human person from conception to death. Our health system should have the resources needed to provide quality health care which does not compromise the individual and their right to live a full and meaningful life. This includes areas in aged care, patient care in hospitals, emergency and home care.

Do your candidates prioritise the need to invest in develop and creating a quality health care system?

 Strengthening our Communities

There are organisations in our society which work directly with the vulnerable individuals. They provide the voice and assistance which many rely upon. Strengthening communities is only possible with engaged citizens especially those who volunteer their time and talents to participate in outreach programs.

 Do your candidates recognise the need for on-going support of service organisations providing care to the marginalised in our communities?

 Access to Education for all

The government should ensure that educational pathways are accessible for all people in order to develop their God-given talents to contribute to society. Education is fundamental to the future of any society because it leads to work and a stable lifestyle.

 Do your candidates support a education system where education is accessible for all including the vulnerable communities in our city?

 Care for Our Environment

It is vital that as we progress, we take the necessary steps to ensure that our land and nature are protected from unethical exploitation. We all deserve to live in safe and healthy environments.

 Do your candidates promote care for our environment?