Affordable Housing Assembly a Great Success – Thank you!!

Last night over 600 Sydneysiders and over 150 Catholics from across Sydney, Parramatta, Wollongong and Broken Bay joined together with Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP and other religious and civil leaders to ask the NSW Government and the Greater Sydney Commission to do more for affordable housing in our city. We pledged to work together, to focus on solutions and to stay in for the long haul until this city is a city for all with affordable homes for all.

There will be more detail about what happened last night and where we go from here over the next couple of days and weeks but for now we here at the JPO would like to extend our warmest and sincerest thanks to all the Sydney Catholics who came out on a cold, rainy, State of Origin night to put your faith into action and stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters doing it tough. We would also to thank our Archbishop for hosting the event at St Mary’s Cathedral Hall and for providing such compassionate leadership, humility and solidarity.

Though we didn’t get a ‘win’ on our asks last night, don’t underestimate the importance or value of your presence and all you efforts over the last 12-18 months especially. Faith in action, exercised with compassion is a great witness to our call to love one another and at a time when so many people, many of whom were in the audience last night, are struggling with the cost of housing to know they are not alone and that there is hope is a ‘win’ in itself.