The Ever Accessible Pope and his new App

Just when you thought Pope Francis couldn’t be more personable or plugged into today’s tech, in honour of WYD and his vision of a million young Christians being living, walking, acting examples of the Church’s Social Teaching he has released a very cool App called DOCAT. It stands for ‘Do Catechism’ and is aimed at young people. It’s a user’s manual for how to be and do Catholic. And though it is aimed at the 18-35 age bracket it makes a century’s worth of Social Teaching accessible for all ages!

This App is for you if you don’t know about the Church’s Social Teaching which covers a huge range of justice issues such as a living wage, caring for Creation, looking after the poor, working to reduce inequity, advocating for peace and just generally acting in a way that is a living example of the Good News!

This App is also for you if you know all about Catholic Social Teaching but wonder how to live it in a practical sense. What does it really mean to take care of the poor, how do we stand up for fair working conditions as Christians, how do we love the Earth as God intended? The way the teachings are laid out will give you practical guidance.

The Pope’s dream is to have a million young Christians embodying the Church’s Social Teaching – that’s a dream the JPO is on board with too! Come along with us!