Solar Bulk Buy Closing Soon!

As we hear that 30% of the Great Barrier Reef coral was ‘cooked’ to death in 2016 and as our brothers and sisters across Oceania call on our Bishops to ‘care for our common home’, it seems more urgent that we each do what we can to care for the Earth who is crying out for our love and mercy. One way we are trying to help Catholics do what they can is through an exciting solar bulk buy pilot project called, ‘Caring for Creation through Solar’. We had a successful launch earlier this month at North Sydney Parish and already have Catholics across Sydney signing-up to be part of this project!

We offer an easy, supported process for you, and if you’d like, your parish and school communities to get solar on your homes without any of the confusion and technical legwork. We do all of that for you! And because we are doing this as a community we have been able to negotiate competitive prices on top quality gear and installation from reliable, trustworthy Sydney-based solar companies who will be with you from quote to installation, unlike many companies who contract out all the various parts of the process.

So, join us for this exciting new solar bulk buy pilot project!! Please come along to one of our upcoming solar sessions, or organise your own if you’d prefer and we’ll come to you. The project closes on May 31st so get in now!!

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If you have any questions or want to talk more about the project please give us a call at the JPO on 9307 8465 or email at