Parish life for people living with disability – storytellers wanted!

Have you or someone you care about ever lived, or are currently living, with a disability or chronic condition of any kind?

The Archdiocesan Justice and Peace Office is doing a research project exploring people’s experiences of living with disability in our parishes. It will explore the stories of people with disability, their families, carers, friends, pastors and fellow parishioners. We are looking for people who want to share their stories so that we can listen deeply to how our people are travelling in their journeys and how our parish communities are walking alongside them.

Participation simply involves telling your story and having it recorded and used for research publications anonymously. This is a wonderful opportunity to help us reflect on our strengths and weaknesses and learn how we can grow together into more hopeful, 040connected and love-filled communities.

For more information or to participate please call or email Dr Kimberley Doyle.

Ph. 02  9307 8461;


Photo: International Day for People with Disability Morning Tea with Catholic Communities, 2015 ©JPO