Next Steps

As this is a ‘bulk buy’ project it is best done as part of a community, ideally a parish and/or school community, or some sub-group from these. This not only allows us to offer you great prices on top-quality kit, it also creates unique opportunities for communities to become more connected, and share their experiences, success and learnings from participating in the solar project. The Bulk Buy closes on May 31st so you MUST register before then.

The Session’s last only an hour and will be presented by the Caring for Creation Through Solar team. The Session will include:

  • Outline of the Church’s teaching on caring for Creation and why putting solar on our homes is a practical and consequential way to live out our faith
  • A ‘Solar 101’ – we will run through the basics and common questions on solar: ‘What is a kilowatt?’, ‘Is my place too shady?’, ‘How does solar work with my current electricity supply’, ‘How does a solar system work?’ ‘How much will I save’ ‘How will it work with my current electricity supply?’ etc.
  • Detailed presentation of the specific Caring for Creation through Solar offer – costs, options on the materials, technical details and the next steps in the process
  • A packet of resources for each attendee, and Registration forms.

Therefore we highly encourage you to come to an Information Session. There are two options:

OPTION 1: Come along to one of the sessions we will be hosting, we have a different days and times on offer and will progressively roll out more as needed. Each Session will only have a maximum of 15 people so there’ll be ample opportunity to get to ask questions and have discussion. The Session options and RSVP details are below.

OPTION 2: Host an information session in your own parish and/or school community. If you already belong to a ministry that would be interested in this offer or simply think you’re community might be interested, please consider bringing them along on the journey. The Caring for Creation Through Solar team will support you through the process, and can provide advertising and invitations as needed (some options are here). Please get in contact with us at the Office by phone: 9307 8461 or email to talk about this option.


RSVP your preferred session via email to or call Kim on 9307 8461

Coming to an Info Session commits you to nothing and you will not be pressured into going any further if you do not want to. There is no financial obligation at any step of the process if and until you decide you’d like to install a solar system on your home and reach an acceptable agreement with the solar supplier.

Already been to an Info Session and looking to Sign Up for a Quote?

Have all the info you need already?

If, after reading through the information on this webpage and/or because of prior experience and knowledge you feel informed and comfortable enough to move straight ahead with a quotation from one of our local solar companies you can do this by registering on this Solar-Go Form. Once we receive this we will get in touch to connect you with a solar company so you can move ahead with the quote.

If you’re unsure of anything in the programme or still a bit confused about how it all works or what solar will mean for you, we would strongly encourage yo to come along to one of the Information Sessions listed above as your next step