New Act Justly!

Happy New Year! We hope this new issue of Act Justly finds all our readers rested and joyful after the festive season and what have hopefully been lovely, lazy summer days over a very hot January!  For all our families out there with little ones (or not so little ones) returning to or beginning school for the first time this week we hope it was a smooth and exciting start to the term!

Thank you for reading this new issue of Act Justly! We are excited to be getting back into the swing of things and looking forward to the year ahead with all its challenges and opportunities to work for justice. Our first big cab off the rank, so to speak, is our Affordable Housing Assembly on March 14 hosted by our partners at Sydney Alliance, Vinnies NSW and the Everybody’s Home campaign. You will find all the details and an invitation to come along on Page 12. We would love for as many Sydney Catholics to be involved as possible. We also need volunteers to help us with some of the organisation and managing the logistics for our Catholic group, so if this sounds like something you’d be interested in or a good finite project for your social justice group to gear up for the year, then please get in touch—we need as many hands to help as possible!

Our cover piece this issue is on the  Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report. It is a landmark Report that demands all our attention, but it is also a long Report. So instead of summer novels this year we have combed through the Report and pulled together the key information and conclusions for you. One of the most striking and daunting features of the Report is the vivid picture it paints between a world heated to 1.5° – something we can no longer prevent—to one heated by just 0.5° more—something we can, with monumental effort and focus, prevent. We only have 10 years to keep that extra 0.5° at bay though, so we encourage you to read the article and then get involved in the effort!

We also have pieces on the establishment of the new Integrity Commission by the Commonwealth Government, and Pope Francis’s evocative message for World Day of Peace. As always, we have our regular pieces, Acting Justly, which gives you a taste of some of the goings-on across the Archdiocese as well as our Social Justice Corner, which explores the Catholic Social Teaching principle of ‘Caring for Creation’. This will be the last in our last Social Justice Corner series on Catholic Social Teaching principles. Stay tuned next issue for our new series!

We hope you enjoy this issue!!!

—Blessings, JPO Team