Families first this Labour Day Mass 2015

This evening marks the return of the Catholic Labour Day Mass in Sydney.

Reintroduced by Bishop Terry Brady, it will provide a timely opportunity to reflect upon the struggles of individuals to provide for themselves in a way that promotes their dignity and recognises their value beyond their work life.  Bishop Terry Brady, quoted in an article posted today on the Sydney Archdiocese website states:  “The Church just like workers, unions and employers has a responsibility to stand up for workers and their families,” he says. “Workers are people. They are not just units of an economy. They are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives. Each has a value and we cannot divorce the needs of humans to spend quality time with their loved ones from their responsibility to their workplace.”

Father Peter Smith, the Promoter of Justice and Peace in Sydney, was also quoted in the article, stating:  “The Labour Day Mass was a long-standing tradition in the Archdiocese and we wanted to revive this tradition and stand in solidarity with unions and workers who are as concerned as the Church at the erosion of family time. In the rush for profits driven by retailers, corporations and other market forces, the human element is being left behind.”  The article states further:  “Fr Peter believes we should all be concerned that the hours, wages and the hard won rights of workers are being over taken by a 21st Century economic model… with its focus profitability and productivity rather than on people or the quality of life.

You can read the full article here.

If you would like to attend this evening’s Mass, further details can be found on our Events page.