Caring for Creation Through Solar

The Justice and Peace Office of the Sydney Archdiocese is hoping to set up a “Solar Bulk Buy” to assist Sydney Catholics who want to respond to the challenge of climate change by installing solar panels on their homes.

The call to act

Pope Francis has reminded us of God’s call to “Care for creation”. ‘On climate change, there is a clear, definitive and ineluctable ethical imperative to act’, he wrote in Laudato ‘Si.

Climate change will undermine all of creation, but it will be the poor who will suffer the most. Acting to avert dangerous climate change is an important response to our faith to both look after the Earth and to give preference to the needs and well-being of the poor.  Putting solar on our own homes is one simple way we can respond, doing our bit to limit the greenhouse pollution that is undermining the climatic system given to us by God. But it often seems too big and overwhelming…

It’s all too hard

While putting solar on the roof makes sense both financially and ethically, many of us find the process daunting. The challenge of understanding the key issues at stake, shuffling through potential suppliers, deciding what panels and inverters are best value for money, and even where to start in beginning to understand it all, is very overwhelming.​

The Justice and Peace Office aims to take the pain out of all this. We have brought together experts in the field to source high quality kit, reliable, honest installers and have negotiated great prices, by virtue of “bulk buying”.

The Caring for Creation Through Solar program includes:

  • Sourcing of high quality solar panel systems at discounted bulk buy prices negotiated for Sydney’s Catholic community.
  • Providing independent advice and guidance through the process.
  • Free information sessions on solar and battery storage options, held in your communities.
  • Information sessions will also bring together these practical elements of solar with spiritual insights and traditions of the Gospel and Church teachings that prompt us to act in this way.

What do you get out of it?

  • Quality information and support through the costly, complex process of considering and installing solar power.
  • Discounted price on a quality solar system.
  • Reason to take solar as an option for your home off the “maybe later” pile of tasks.
  • A chance to put your faith into action in a concrete practical way.
  • An opportunity to build up community in your parish through a shared unique project.
  • The satisfaction of having joined with 3 million other Australians in acting to avert dangerous climate change.

What we need from you

Please be in contact if you are interested in this idea. There is no financial or other obligation, we would simply like to have a series of conversations with interested people across our Catholic communities.

Once we have done this we will be looking to provide information sessions for groups of interested people to get the practical next steps underway. So we also be looking for people prepared to organise a meeting in their parish at which Caring for Creation Through Solar can provide the outline of the program. The one hour meeting will include:

  • Outline of the Church’s call to care for Creation and why solar on your roof is a way we can respond to the Pope’s teaching
  • Solar basics – “What is a kilowatt anyway?” “And what about shading?” And, “How does solar work with my already existing electricity supply?” etc
  • Outline of the Caring for Creation Through Solar offer – costs, details and next steps if you want to further investigate solar for your home.

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore please contact us on the details below to set up an initial conversation:

Felicity Wade: ph: 0408 246 444 OR

Kim Doyle: ph: 9307 8465