Broken Bay Diocese Launches Domestic Violence Kit

Recently, Broken Bay Diocese launched an exceptional kit responding to to domestic violence from a Catholic perspective. In launching it the Diocese explained:

‘The family is where safety, nurture, and the flourishing of individuals and relationships should be the primary experiences. Violence in the context of the family is particularly destructive, and absolutely contrary to a Christian way of life. Pope Francis once said: “the family is a workshop of hope, of the hope of life and resurrection…

In families there are difficulties, but those difficulties are resolved by love. Hatred does not resolve any difficulty.” (Festival of Families, Philadelphia 2015)

The mission of the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay is to proclaim the Good News, which includes the reign of God’s peace, justice and reconciliation, as a family of families. Therefore, we are called to stand against anything that destroys families which are our domestic Churches. We are called to be workshops of hope, not workshops for the tolerance of violence. Love that protects the vulnerable, promotes their flourishing, and sees the inextricable dignity of each member of the family, is the only way we can be workshops of hope and truly proclaim the Good News.

With regard to domestic violence, it is important that we are all better educated and better equipped to respond. This kit offers support for parishes, and seeks to inform and to provide practical resources. A number of handouts are included which can be copied and distributed as needed; flyers are also provided which can be displayed around the parish; a small business-card is offered for the back of the church which can be a life-line for a parishioner or visitor; and a Prayer is offered for use in the parish context’.

You can find the full kit and more information here.