2017-18 Social Justice Statement

This 2017-18 Social Justice Statement is titled, Everyone’s Business: Developing an Inclusive and Sustainable Economy.  It draws on the Church’s rich Social Doctrine to analyse our current economic approach and concludes that we have become the servants of the modern economy rather than it being at the service of us. It challenges us all to renew our commitment to radical discipleship and bring out private faith to bear on public conversations about economic policy; it challenges us to advocate for human dignity to be the centre and purpose of economic choices; to insist that growth alone cannot be our measure of success and what it means to flourish; to advocate for equity to be built into the very structure of our economy; and to see the economy and business as being at the service of all in recognition that God gifted all of creation to the whole of humanity without favour or exclusion.

The Australian Catholic Social Justice Council has put out a range of resources to help bring the Statement to life, get practically involved and to assist parishes in celebrating Social Justice Sunday on Sept 24. You can find them all here.